So, you liked our book “Istio in Action” (published by Manning) and you are interested in more insights? Here we collect some of the samples that were not included in the book but represent common patterns that you are going to use in your day-to-day work.


Istio in Action

Interesting topics

Safely upgrade the Istio control plane with revisions and tags

Simple example how to use Istio and Keycloak

about the book

Istio in Action is a comprehensive guide to handling authentication, routing, retrying, load balancing, collecting data, security, and other common network-related tasks using the Istio service mesh platform. With author Christian Posta’s expert guidance, you’ll experiment with a basic service mesh as you explore the features of Envoy, Istio’s service proxy. With helpful diagrams and hands-on examples, you’ll learn how to use this open-source service mesh to control routing, secure container applications, and monitor network traffic. You’ll also bring Istio to legacy systems without changes to your applications and discover how to use Istio in a multi-cloud world with the data layer deployed on a cluster like Kubernetes.



Christian E. Posta (@christianposta) is VP, Global Field CTO at He is well known in the cloud-native community for being an author, blogger (, speaker, and contributor to various open-source projects in the service mesh and cloud-native ecosystem.

Rinor Maloku (@rinormaloku) is an engineer at, where he consults clients adopting application networking solutions, such as service meshes. Previously, he worked at Red Hat, where he built middleware software that enabled teams to ensure the high availability of their services.